Who Won 31-Minute Mastery? Who Came Close? And... ALL Your Questions Answered!


The last 48 hours have been INCREDIBLE and I have YOU to thank — watching all of the comments come in all day and night long has been truly humbling, and even more, it’s been INSPIRING (you can read all the comments HERE).

Even if you didn’t win this contest, you deserve the training here inside of 31-Minute Mastery: The 3-Point Workout.

Now I had a very difficult time picking just one winner, but after going through each and every response at least twice, I found my winner: KC Gubler, Varsity High School Basketball Player.

KC’s response wasn’t the longest or even the best written, but what he said about feeling like there’s something missing with him really hit me (because I used to feel exactly the same way).

Here’s what KC said:

Dear Alex,

I’m a sophomore in my school now. I don’t start Varsity but that is one of my goals. It’s very frustrating though because I know that if I scored more often I would get more playing time.

My problem is that my teammates don’t trust me to take shots, especially 3’s. I practice my form everyday so I think I have good form, but I just need something to help me fine tune whatever it is I’m missing.

I feel like a complicated piece of machinery that has one of its wires unhooked. I know that this program can help me plug in that wire that I’m missing.

I feel as if I have something to prove. I want to prove what I’m made of, to my teammates, to my school, and most especially my family.

-KC Gubler

Congratulations KC — you’ll be hearing from us privately tomorrow when 31-Minute Mastery: The 3-Point Workout officially goes LIVE.

And now, with all of the different questions coming in during the last week from players and coaches alike about “The 3-Point Workout”, we decided it’d be best to combine all the most common ones and just answer them for you, so here they are, all below:

Q: Who is Alex Maroko?

A: A former college basketball player, Alex Maroko is the author/creator of several of the top-selling basketball training programs available internationally today as well as a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT). His programs have been featured in the LA Times, CBS Sportsline and BodyBuilding.com and have been sold in more than 47 countries worldwide, including The 31 Minute Mastery Series, The Effective Ball-Handling Program and Flying In Four.

A featured author for several media publications, from magazines to websites to newspapers, Alex has also been a featured expert on radio broadcasts, streamed globally. He’s highly regarded just about everywhere for his expertise and creativity in turning “average” basketballers into dominant players, with their shooting, scoring, ball-handling, quickness, agility and mental game.

Q: Can I use this in-season?

A: Yes, just not as often as you should during the off-season. A full basketball season can extremely taxing for any athlete and recovery needs to be paid as much attention as training does, to ensure you stay healthy and fresh throughout the season. But if you still want to improve your 3-point shooting drastically during the season, you can still use The 3-Point Workout and in the DVD, in Chapter 5, I explain how you should do this.

Q: What makes this different from other basketball DVD’s on the market?

A: Most of the other basketball DVD’s on the market only show you tons of drills and exercises to do and while, sure, they’re good drills and exercises, there’s no real plan for you, nothing that tells you exactly how to use everything they just showed you (plus the fact that they show you so many, it can be extremely overwhelming for anyone). In the 3-Point Workout, we cover only the skills you need as a deadly 3-point scorer (“the Ninja Nine”), and then Alex takes you through the entire workout, so you not only have an exact plan of what to do, but you also get to see exactly how to do it from start to finish.

With this DVD, confusion or that debilitating feeling of being overwhelmed will never be a problem.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results?

A: Most players claim they feel some sort of “instant results” after the first workout, which you may or may not experience. But for most players, serious results are seen after 5-7 workouts and then again after 10-12 workouts.

Q: How long does it take to ship to me?

A: The DVD will take 3-5 business days to get your front doorstep. You can also sleep safe knowing we use insured, First-Class Shipping through UPS for all of our orders.

Q: What’s the quality of the DVD?

A: The entire DVD was filmed on a Super High-Resolution, Special HD Camera and is incredibly clear on your TV screen, no matter how big it is. This will not be like any of those other “grainy” DVD’s you may have purchased in the past.

Q: How does the workout portion work? You go through the entire thing for me so I can see exactly how it’s supposed to be done?

A: Alex first begins the DVD going through the entire workout, explaining to you all the pieces to it and how the entire 31-minutes are set-up for maximum effectiveness. Then, he goes through the entire workout for you, as you follow along from the comfort of your couch.

And he’s not just going through the workout during those 31-minutes, a lot of the time is spent teaching, revealing several “golden nuggets” of scoring and shot-creating information, as well as sharing some stories from his own past, about how he learned and came across some of the extremely advanced shots you see in the “Ninja Nine”.

Q: What are the Ninja Nine? I’ve never heard of them.

A: The Ninja Nine are all 9 types of 3-point shots every great 3-point shooter looks for and is able to consistently knock down with a confident ease. Most “good” shooters only know about 4 or 5 of these shots, so when you discover and develop all 9 of these 3-point shots, you suddenly begin to see the perimeter area as your own personal playground, just toying with your defender, putting in all kinds of highly-impressive 3-point shots. This is info every serious basketball players needs in their arsenal.

Q: What if it doesn’t work for ME?

A: Then it’s all FREE.

We KNOW that The 3-Point Workout delivers – we’ve seen this system with so many athletes across the globe for it not to be painstakingly obvious that this system just WORKS.

But we also understand that purchasing something on the Internet and not knowing Alex personally (although maybe you do though, as one of his thousands of Facebook followers) might still leave you skeptical and to be honest, we get it.. we really do.

So, to make this the most no-brainer, risk-free opportunity possible for you, here’s what we’re willing to do: for each and every customer who orders today, we’re going to extend our Iron-Clad, 60-Day Money Back, Satisfaction Guarantee:

If you follow 31-Minute Mastery: The 3-Point Workout DVD exactly as outlined inside and don’t find your 3-point shooting, scoring average and basketball confidence drastically improving, just contact us and we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

We stand by our program as the most effective, most cutting-edge 3-Point Training System on the planet, and if it doesn’t yield those results for you when followed, you get your money back. No questions asked, no hassle, no hoops to jump through, just a prompt and courteous refund.


“31-Minute Mastery: The 3-Point Workout” Will Finally Be Available:
PLUS, when it’s released, it’ll be at a very special discount price all week long just for you to celebrate the launch! More on that tomorrow though…